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Tenant Real Estate Agent – Boulder CO Real Estate Agent

For a variety of reasons many of the people in Boulder rent rather than own. One reason is that housing is relatively expensive compared to most of the rest of the country. Another reason is because many of the people who live in Boulder are only here for school or work, or are simply not ready to put down roots.

Many of the residential tenants in Boulder are students at the University of Colorado Boulder or Naropa University. There are a variety of resources for finding student housing on or near campus. Some of the most well-known resources for off-campus housing are property managers like Four-star Realty and Boulder Property Management. Other property managers and landlords abound. Some have excellent reputations and some have less than excellent reputations. Some properties are in great condition and others are not. In other words, inside knowledge can be very helpful for prospective tenants looking to lease a residential unit. Many students sign leases long before the start of the school year in late August, often many months in advance. One of the most difficult situations that can arise is when a lease is terminated or a property turns out to be uninhabitable just before school starts or midway through a semester. Students, and their parents who do their best to assist them, can end up scrambling to find housing at times of the year when very little is available for rent. It can be frustrating and expensive, with the costs of hotel rooms and/or vacation rentals adding up quickly.

In addition to students, many workers and executives decide to rent rather than to buy. Available properties can range from the small and simple to the large and opulent.

Whether you’re a student, a worker, or an executive searching for rental unit in Boulder, you may need the assistance of a Boulder tenant real estate agent. Finding housing for renters is not an area in which many real estate brokers work, primarily because it is rare to find landlords who pay commissions to real estate agents in residential real estate transactions. The amount of money typically required for a year-long lease is not as much as might be found in, say, a commercial leasing situation, in which commissions to tenant-side real estate agents are common. Because landlords typically do not offer commissions to tenant-side real estate agents, those commissions must be paid by the tenant, whether as an hourly rate or a fixed-fee. This means that, in most situations, tenants are unwilling to have the assistance of a residential real estate agent to look after their best interests and show them properties.

There are certain situations when it makes a lot of sense to have a tenant real estate agent on your side. For example, if you’re a student looking for housing midway through the semester you may be short on time and run into difficultly navigating the rental market and balancing your other obligations. In those cases parents are sometimes willing to foot the bill to pay a real estate agent’s commission for the sake of having peace of mind that the process will be managed by a professional and that the burden is, for the most part, lifted from their shoulders. Another example of when a Boulder tenant real estate agent might be helpful is assisting busy people moving to their area for work.

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