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In-State Buyers

In-State Real Estate Buyers – Boulder Real Estate Agent

A large majority of the people who are in the market to buy real estate in Boulder County are already Colorado residents, and many already live in Boulder County. Many prospective buyers are trying to sell their current home while simultaneously looking for something nicer, larger, closer to work, closer to play, or closer to friends and/or relatives. Some buyers may be downsizing to a townhouse or condominium, with the goal of not having to maintain and repair a single family detached house. Other buyers may be dreaming about moving into their first house after years of renting.

Then there are very specific reasons for moving, like wanting to own (i.e., be a guardian of) a dog while having a landlord who refuses to allow dogs or owning a condominium that has a covenant that disallows dogs.

All of these reasons drive Coloradans to move. If we work together, my focus as your real estate broker in Boulder is first: to determining what your goals and reasons for moving are and second: to make sure as many of your goals are realized as possible, in light of your budget and timeframe for moving.

If you are looking for a Boulder real estate agent with a results oriented approach tailored to your specific needs, contact Royal Arch Real Estate. We are knowledgeable and experienced brokers who always have your best interests at the forefront of our minds, whether you are buying or selling a home, vacant land or a new construction.