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Boulder Affordable Housing – Boulder Real Estate Agent

By many estimates the median home price in Boulder is now more than 1,000,000, which is far from affordable for most people in the United States. But there are some options available in Boulder for those of moderate means through Boulder’s Affordable Housing Program (qualification for the program is based on income and assets; priority is based on whether and how long an applicant has lived and/or worked in Boulder) and there are still some condos and townhouses that come on the market that are on the more “affordable” side. And there are some areas of Boulder, including the community/neighborhood of Gunbarrel, in the most northeast portion of Boulder, in which the homes tend to be less expensive than in the rest of the city.

While finding a home to purchase in Boulder has largely, and unfortunately, become difficult for those without substantial assets, high incomes, or who qualify for Boulder’s Affordable Housing Program, there is still hope for prospective home buyers. In addition to some properties in Gunbarrel and smaller condos in the western part of the city, there are a number of communities that surround Boulder with properties for sale that are still within reach of the non-wealthy. The communities of Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Longmont, Lyons, and Nederland are all within Boulder County (half of Erie is in Weld County), are charming communities with plenty to love, and tend to offer at least somewhat more affordable options than those available in Boulder.

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